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just said goodbye to smokey for the last time ever.

He's 14, and his quality of life is horrible. It was time.

But i'd be lying if I said i'm not sitting here crying.

He was such a fucking good cat.

life fucking sucks.
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Come to disneyworld!! BRING MONEY.

Hey everyone!

Yeah, I know, neglecting the silly silly livejournal again. Neglectnig it so much my paid account ran out :( I might pay for it again if I have the money when I get paid, and have enough after paying bills. Like my cell phone bill. I hate Verizon. I only have four more months with them left, and then I am leaving and never coming back. I've had such poor customer support there it's not even funny.

Anyways, this month I had some exciting times!! I went to Disneyworld for about four days while dad had some sort of work meeting thing. It was at one of the disney resourts, so it was really nice. We hung by the pool, I got sunburned (natch) and lost weight, actually. Two days we went to the parks, the first day Epcot (which was SO AWESOME) which I always enjoy. I had a blast in the french and japanese quarters, and had good food, good drink, and did some shopping. Yay :3 The next day we went to Magic Kingdom, and OMG SO COOL. I was there eleven years ago when I was what? fourteen? fifteen? And I had a broken arm. So I couldn't do ANYTHING. But This time we went on a few: Haunted Masion (my choice) POTC (mom's) This cute Lilo and Stich ride (Dad's), some weird/awkward boat ride thing (Dad's choice haha) and then cars!! (joint choice :P) we didn't go on It's a small world or the teacups because they both were closed down for repair. Boo :(

All in all, it was a lovely time. It was a much needed repreive, because Ohio was SO BLOODY COLD!! Jesus!!!

Oh, also? I got new glasses. I'm picking them up today. Woo!! It's been the main reason why i've had headaches these past few days.

Chorale concert tomorrow!! I absolutely cannot wait. I love them so much. <33 singing makes me happy like what, guys :'D

Anyways, that's what's new. HOW IS EVERYONE.

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1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of the 3 people.
4) Label whom you would shag, marry and kill.

zed_pm gave me Kirk, Eames, and THE DOCTOR (11TH)

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Hay everyone!! Que Pasa?

Took an exam in spanish this morning and I think I passed. As long as I put my accents in the right place. That always mucks me up. :(

Yesterday I went to the ear, nose, and throat doctor. Doctor Fuentes is a nice man, but *GOD* he can be such a smartass!! He took a look at my tonsils and apparently he wants 'em to go because they're HUGE. He's mentioned this every single time i've seen him. Yes, I know they're huge. No, I do not want you to remove them right now, thank you. I cannot afford the time off at the moment.

He also took a look at my nose and ugh..he had to get the smallest thing to spread apart and then proceeded to PULL OUT BOOGERS. yes, thank you. I knew I should have blown my nose before I went in. Ug, so gross. I have dry nostrls though, so I need to put vasoline in them daily. Oh joy.

Finally, he took a look at my ears, which seem to eb just fine. I do have some blood in the back of my eardrums, but nothing as it was when I first got checked up. Nauturally, with turners, i'll have some hearing loss, but I don't need hearing aids...yet. I don't think it'll get to that point.

Otherwise, things as normal. I worked a lot this week, so when I get paid, it'll be suhweet!!!

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Picture of me taken this morning!! Oh yes, don't I look so thrilled with the world and all!!

I'm wearing a Dr. Who shirt btw. <33333
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Inception in Choir

Professor Collins: blah blah blah blah technical stuff. So that means the tone needs to go deeper
Some person: WE NEED TO GO DEEPER.
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