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Hi everyone!!

I had a great birthday!!

I got lots of awesome pressies, the best being vintage 70's 80's star trek blue prints from my boy!! Oh my god, it was soooo awesome!!!

I also got a blu-ray/DVD player from my parents. WAY AWESOME. It was pretty easy to hook up, and once I got it hooked up to the eithernet cable, It could connect to the internet!! So I can listen to Pandora Radio in the morning and all that jazz, while I drink my coffee and such.

I got my first blu-ray DVD at best buy!! Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home. Easily one of my favorites. It was pretty awesome to see the difference between my i-tunes bought copy and my blue-ray!!! <3333

Had dinner at a nice italian place called Brio! Then we all saw The American it was pretty good! George Clooney is a badass in it, and the cinematography is amazing. If you're looking for a good spy movie, then go go go!! It reminded me of another spy movie I really liked, called The Comformist . Just as trippy, honestly.

Other than that, i'm trying to keep up with my homework :( not too much so far!!!
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First off...


25 years I made my debut and the world hasn't been quite the same.

-big grin-

In catching up stuff, I had a wonderful three weeks in New York. Alex is a wonderful boy, love him forever. We ended up going to Atlantic City one day with his mom, which was a blast. We all paid 30 dollars for the bus tickets and it came with a 22 buck voucher for gambling and then a free slip for the buffet. GREAT deal. Atlantic City itself is amazing. Yeah it's the Jersey shore, and there were some questionable girls who looked like snookie, but overall, it was a nice place. I had my first slushie at 7/11 (yeah, they don't have them around here in OH) and the beach was amazing! It was absolutely lovely to play in the surf with Alex and look for shells with him. We also took in some gambling as well. I played a Star Trek gambling machine!! Of course it took 5 dollars of my money, but it was definitely worth it! I ended up winning back my 22 dollars, which made me happy. I like breaking even. I wanted to try some of the table games, but I don't think I could have handle that...i'm horrible at poker. :P

I also spend some time with Rachel, and we saw Inception in IMAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god, that was a mindblowing experience. I got to spend some quality time with her and her father as well, and that was really really nice. I love her dad so much! He's a riot.

I have pictures to upload, and I will as soon as I get the drive, find my other camera battery, ect. I promise it will happen!!

I've started school again, and the best class so far is planetary physics, where our homework is to chart the stars every night. Of course there haven't been much out lately. Boo :(

Otherwise than school nothing much is happening. Health wise, everyone in my family is doing good! However, I have to go to the ear, nose, and throat guy to get another vein cauterized. Ouch. I am NOT looking forward to it. Dad's dealing with his sleep apnea like a champ. I'm totally proud of him. He's loosing weight because he's using his machine, which means he's getting healhier, which is good. I kinda love him, and want to keep him around.

How is everyone here? Zed! I want to get the boys together for a BIG BIRTHDAY BASH!!!!!!! Yussuf said he'd bring the hotdogs, and eames said he'd bring the booze. Arthur brings the floaties, Cobb brings the tunes. Everyone else is coming as well, and bringing sundries. Anton said he'd make brownies for me.

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If it's inconvient, come anyways.

My goodness...I keep neglecting my journal :< poor lj.

Anyways, lots has happened. First off, I want to thank everyone for their support during my uncles passing. It helped a lot. He's at rest now, and although mom is still dealing with it, she's slowly healing, which is a good thing. Day by day, she'll get better. We only have to support her.

I'm heading back to school soon, and i'm taking a full quarter. A bit of the last I need for my english degree, along with gen eds I stupidly neglected to work on when I began. I know, I know, i'm kicking myself for it, but getting them done as quick as I can will be good. I just want to be done before WSU switches to semesters and it's harder to switch credits around and such.

My best friend Rachel was here for two weeks, and it was wonderful!! :) we hung out together and went into town to shop a few times. it was fantastic! She really liked YS and thought it was totally cute. We also took bigger trips such as going to the Columbus zoo :) She got to see manatees for the first time ever, which really REALLY made her happy. We came at a good time too, because they were all feeding and very active. We even saw a young one nursing!!

We also saw Inception which BLEW ME AWAY!! It's probably one of the smartest movies this summer. It started my new crush on Joseph Gordon Levett, who can wear the HELL out of a suit!!! Along with Leo, too.

In other watchig news, I'm started Sherlock which is AMAZING. <333 so much love!!! <3333

Anyways, i'm pretty much chilling for two days. On Wednesday, I'm heading out to New York to visit Alex before he goes off to Peace Corp stuff. I can't wait, it should be a really good time. The weather down there has actually been pretty nice, from what Rach has been telling me. :)

Love you all, be good!!

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I...I don't know guys. It's hard to keep it together.

If any of you want to talk to me, my aim is Bohemian Hobbit

My cell number is 1-937-689-6794 I have it by me, charged.

The only good thing about this all is i'm seeing family I haven't seen in years.

Please. I'm reaching out.
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My mom woke me up yesterday around 2 to tell me my uncle who had had been suffering from cancer had passed. My cousin (his daughter) Susan was alone when he died. Which, in my opinion, is something that should have never happened. We just came home.

It was scary to see him dead. His mouth was wide open and it looked like he had been in pain, but I know he was asleep when he died. He was on so many pain medications. His skin was unhealthy, and since he had been vomiting blood, his teeth were a coffee color.


When the funeral home came to get him, his room was clean and empty within minutes. It really made me think. How quickly someone can be cleaned away, all traces of our lives gone. I hope when I go, I leave behind good memories, people who love me.

And I don’t want to die alone.

I…don’t know. I’m still kinda numb.
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Hey everyone!! Long time no see!!! <333

Yeah, i've not been really active because life has been hectic. Let me give you a list, shall I?

-Last day of summer quarter!! I am finishing up my last paper as I type. PROCRASTINATION :D

-My uncle has prostate cancer, so i've been dealing with that. He was in the hospital, but now he's in hospace, which while is better than the hospital, it's...hospace. He has good days and bad days. It's really hard on us all, especially my mom.

-Saw Despicable Me over the weekend and OH MY GOD it was so cute!!! Everyone must go see it!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

-Finished Primeval and bawwd like a baby. I WANT SEASON FOUR NOW, THNX. ILU CONNOR

-Watched Let The Right One In and loved it so much. It's pretty much the most perfect vampire/love story ever.

-Found a new show to love!! Southland . This is interesting, because I don't usually like cop shows, but it's really good. I'm excited for the third season!!!



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Hey everyone.

Life is as normal.

Boring school.

Not getting enough sleep.

Passed my politcal science class with a B, though! Woohoo.

Honestly, I don't know what to say anymore. I'm getting boring as fuck lately.
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